Consistently wrong

Rep Louie Gohmert catches some Zzs as Tom McClintock addresses an empty House chamber.

California District 4 congressman Tom McClintock (R – Elk Grove) has mis-represented his constituents and his neighbors (they’re not the same) for many years now. But he has been consistent. Consistently wrong.

We Have Work To Do! (June 2018 Version)

I attended the Placer County (CA) BOS meeting today. The GOP had recruited their members to come to the meeting and speak in support of the Placer BOS joining an amicus brief in the lawsuit against SB54, the California Values Act (aka Sanctuary State Law). The majority of the speakers were representing the Anti-SB54 point… Continue reading We Have Work To Do! (June 2018 Version)

Hear me ROAR!

2017 CDP Convention in Sacramento

If you are a California Democrat, you have more power than you think. A well placed phone call or email can make YOUR voice heard by the California Democratic Party.

Red States to Blue – Messaging

Very often, I hear some of my fellow Democrats bemoan “low-information” voters who seem to support the GOP in spite of their best interests. Having suffered a perplexing and frustrating loss in the 2016 general election, Democrats across the nation have been looking for explanations for this loss. But one thing that we have not… Continue reading Red States to Blue – Messaging

Not today.

Earlier this week, our new President signed an executive order (the latest of many) banning the entry of muslims from a select list of nations. In spite of Republican objections to the use of Executive Orders by President Barack Obama, Republican legislators are tellingly silent while this travesty plays out. I was pretty upset and mad… Continue reading Not today.

Turning Red States To Blue (part 1 of many)

Turning Red States To Blue

Tonight I was speaking with my wife after a few too many Brandy Alexanders. While discussing / arguing about Paul Kingsnorth‘s book Real England in the context of the good old USA and in the shadow of the 2016 election, she was discussing the concept of “the little guy fighting the  big guy.” This is an important… Continue reading Turning Red States To Blue (part 1 of many)

Getting involved

Going to visit this group today. Let’s see what happens.

Interesting numbers

Was having a discussion with Twitter user @dblozik regarding presidential fundaisers. Who attended how many,etc. So I looked up some numbers related to fundraisers and vacations. Here are some interesting Presidential statistics for those that like numbers. (I may add more items to this list). References are provided.

The myth about GOP alternatives to Obamacare

A while back, I had a Twitter “conversation” with Daniel Garza of the The Libre Initiative. After a few back-and-forths, Daniel stated that I was spreading the “biggest lie about Obamacare” when I stated that the GOP had not provided any counter-proposals to Obamacare. Daniel suggested that I Google “Republican alternatives to Obamacare.” I said… Continue reading The myth about GOP alternatives to Obamacare