What a day!! (Thursday 9/19/19)

Our congressional representative Doug LaMalfa managed to disparage the benefits of clean water AND clean air in a pair of tweets reminiscent of the president he idolizes.

He praised the rollback of the Waters of the United States rule. This rollback will allow all manner of effluent to be discharged into our waterways. Living in gold country, we know first-hand the dangers this can pose. Even today, the effects of mercury in our drinking water can be felt in our region.

LaMalfa also cheered the administration’s efforts to roll back California’s EPA waiver. This waiver allows California to set more stringent standards on things like tailpipe emissions. This is why Los Angeles is no longer covered in a thick, brown blanket of SMOG. Closer to home, we have some areas in the North State which act as “sinks” for air currents and which also are collectors of SMOG. If we relax the rules, sensitive people (children and older adults) will be negatively impacted. Some people (hopefully very few) could literally die as a result.

I won’t even go into how these reduced tailpipe emissions will force North State residents to pay additional gas taxes. LaMalfa is simply hypocritical here.

By these actions, LaMalfa has put his allegiance to a glorified scam artist ahead of his duty to his constituents.

It’s clear that he is not one of us.