ILM Environmental Compliance

This post serves no purpose other than to see whether the Title of this article (“ILM Environmental Compliance”) and numerous, spurious mentions of the individual terms ILM, Environmental and Compliance can help boost google search results.

For example if someone searches for “ILM Environmental Compliance” will this blog post ever crack the top 10? or the top 100?

Next, suppose someone searches for the terms in a different order, say “Compliance ILM Environmental”. Will the page rankings change?

Lastly, does google mess with patterns on the page?

ILM is a term that I use
Compliance is nothing but a ruse
Environmental has varied uses and connotations
Yet they’re all located here.

So my terms are listed five times. Five for ILM; five for Compliance; five for Environmental.

Will this blog ever hit the google search pages?

Who know what magicks are performed there??

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