Indexing Meadow Vista Barber Shop

I’ve been playing with SEO these last few days. In trying to get a test page for the Meadow Vista Barber Shop indexed by Google, I’ve encountered nothing but frustration. Here’s my tale of woe.Over the last few weeks (month?) I’ve been experimenting with SEO and I got some promising results from some pages and posts that I’ve put on my other blog on the WordPress site ( All well and good.

Recently, I was asked to start putting a page or two together for a local business to demonstrate a responsive web design and how it would work on different browsers and platforms.

I used a Bootstrap template and created a simple home page, just to get a page on the web as part of a domain that I use for testing this and that. So now, you can click over to the Meadow Vista Barber Shop page and see where I left off.

Next, I updated my sitemap to include this new page and re-submitted the sitemap to Google for indexing. Again, all well and good. But, although Google knows that my test site has 4 page links submitted, it has only indexed one page.

I (still) don’t know why this is.

My WordPress blogs’ sitemap files are updated as soon as I create a new entry. And, it seems that the site maps are submitted as well. The Google indexes are updated daily for the WordPress based submissions. But my manual submission of my sitemap files is not very successful.

So today (and over the next few days) I will be experimenting with the Sitemap files that I’m generating to try and determine why/how not all my submissions are getting indexed.

Stay tuned, fellow netizens.

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