Voters will decide two questions on the upcoming California recall election:

  1. Should Gavin Newsom be recalled?
  2. Who should replace Gavin Newsom if Question 1 passes?

California Democratic Party (CADEM) and Placer County Democratic Central Committee are encouraging voters to vote NO on question 1, leave question blank and return their ballot. Many voters are unsure about leaving the 2nd question blank. Here is an explanation why you need to leave the 2nd question blank.

Question 1

Question 1 is easy. Should Gavin Newsom be recalled? NO!!

He’s done a good job in getting us through the pandemic. He’s done a good job in getting money to CalFire. California is operating under a budget surplus that is being used to fund many of the programs that we care deeply about. The list of reasons to keep Gavin Newsom in office is long.

California Ballot Ballot
Where the NO option is on your ballot

Question 2

But why are we leaving Question 2 blank?

There are technical reasons and practical reasons. 

Technical Reason: 

California Democratic Party (CADEM) bylaws allow us to endorse only one candidate in this race:  Gavin Newsom.

We support Newsom by voting NO in this election. We can not endorse any other candidate in this race. It’s against the rules. So we are not endorsing anyone for Question2. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom
California Governor Gavin Newsom

Practical Reason: 

No candidate listed in Question 2 is qualified to be governor of California. There is simply no one listed whom we would even consider to be a viable candidate. 

How about a Write-In?:

You are legally entitled to enter a “reasonable facsimile” of a persons name (i.e. you don’t have to spell it exactly correct if it’s an unusual name) as a write-in option. However, votes will only be counted for write-in candidates that have filed appropriate paperwork. The list of those qualified candidates will not be available until September 3, 2021. So you can not even write in a candidate until then.

Bottom Line:

Vote No! On question 1.
Leave question 2 blank and return your ballot.


You should be! I am very worried. Fortunately there are things that you can do to help Gavin Newsom stay in office.

Then sign up to volunteer with a phone bank to share these instructions with other Placer County voters. Share this link with everyone you know. Let’s see you on Saturday.

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