Tom McClintock, like many other GOP representatives has learned to emulate the “former guy” and use distortions, half-truths, and cherry-picked facts (aka “lies”) to influence his supporters. Let’s review his most recent attempts to pull the shade over voters’ eyes.

Tom McClintock using distortion, half-truths, and lies. Just another day.

Words Matter

Like the past president, team McClintock uses carefully crafted language to try and incite fear and loathing in his supporters. Looking at a recent Facebook post, note this language he’s using:

the left” – Standard GOP SOP to divide the nation into “us” vs “them.” The GOP tries to divide Americans, because it reduces empathy for the people categorized as “them”. The past administration categorized people by their country of origin, their religious beliefs, their skin color, and their US state of residence. And Tom McClintock applauded each and every one of the callous actions.

packing nursing homes” – This language is chosen to imply that “the left” sees people as animals or worse. By tying this to nursing homes, the GOP relies on the fact that many people feel some guilt over having to place loved ones in nursing homes for the care they need. The “us” vs “them” attacks by the previous administration began when the former president kicked off his campaign by attacking Mexican immigrants.

“They’re not sending their best people” he stated. Neither did we, when we elected a con-man into the White House.

brutal lockdowns” – This is a misdirection that attempts to paint anti-maskers as “victims” of Governor Newsom. I don’t know anyone who has enjoyed the lockdowns. I desperately miss seeing our terrific Placer County Democrats in person. But was this a “brutal” effort? No. The only truly “brutal” action actions that we’ve seen in recent past were on our Southern border when children were ripped from their mothers’ arms. Slightly less brutal are the actions from former Supervisor Kirk Uhler and the Placer County Board of Supervisors that forced essential workers, like restaurant staff, to return to work because they do not have the option to “work from home.” To pour salt in an open wound, Uhler then blamed the increase in Placer COVID cases on those same workers his policies forced back to work. The proof is documented in the fact that Latinos are over-represented in COVID cases and deaths in Placer County.

The lockdowns did nothing” – McClintock fails to mention that the Placer’s efforts at lockdown were undermined by County supervisors, an elected Sheriff, and several city councils intent on supporting a fake president’s failed efforts to control the virus. Rather than work to help control the virus, they coordinated efforts to misrepresent the consequences of the virus and perpetuated the “nothing to see here” attitude that doubtless cost some Placer County residents their lives. Just recall that “red” states had much higher rates of infection and death compared to California and the other “blue” states.

Placer County COVID case counts

Complicit” – This is projection. “Complicit” is the term used by one of our great local Democrats to describe the GOPs atrocious actions in response to COVID and all the other shameful policies coming from the previous administration. #ComplicitGOP

Be Skeptical

When Tom McClintock publishes posts to social media, you must realize that he’s doing so to maximize, or gain, an advantage in his efforts toward re-election. The census is forcing a re-apportionment which will likely remove a congressional seat from the California delegation. McClintock knows that he has marginal support among the GOP voters in the current district. Should he have to compete in a district with a smaller partisan registration advantage, his future is very uncertain.

The next time you see a post from Tom McClintock take a few moments and analyze the language he’s using. Consider who his intended audience is. Is this a post to bolster support? Is it a post to weaken the resolve of our Democratic supporters?

Above all, be ready to challenge his (usually false) assertions. Contact his Roseville or his Washington D.C. office and ask him to explain his statements. As a constituent, you have a right to make sure he represents YOUR views.