More SEO Magic

I recently ran an experiment on my other (general purpose)blog: DadKind – All Kinds of Good Stuff. It focuses on some SEO techniques in an effort to get a good ranking though the Google search engine. It was a great success.

Today, we’re undertaking a more difficult challenge. I’m building on the concepts discussed in the first post, except that this time, I’m targeting a more common search phrase: “tattoo model directory“.

There’s nothing unusual about what I’m trying. In fact, I’m putting this series together to cover some basics that all web developers/ designers should know.

SEO can seem like little more than black magic. But there IS a method to my madness. So, even though there is no such thing as SEO magic, there are some solid principles that I’m testing out. More importantly, my tests seem to be working.

I’m inspired by my last employer paying a consultant $500/hour to give us suggestions that resulted in lower search rankings than the Page-1 (but not #1) results I had been delivering.

Maybe I should start consulting!

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