CDP Convention
2017 CDP Convention in Sacramento

Welcome to the Politics portion of my website. I’ve been dabbling in politics since the 2008 campaign when I felt inspired by Barack Obama’s first campaign to get off the couch and make a difference.

I’m currently serving as the Chair of the Placer County Democratic Central Committee. I’m working to make life better for the people around whom I grew up: workers, immigrants, and others who think their voice is not heard.

Below is a listing of blog posts categorized as “politics.” They’re a glimpse into what is happening at the time they’re written. A digital time-capsule of sorts.

  • Dangerous messaging from Kiley
    This morning a new Kevin Kiley ad was running on my TV. It focuses on his plans to “secure the border.” It’s typical GOP messaging. The same messaging that gave us the tragedies in Buffalo and El Paso. It’s dangerous messaging and needs to come to an end.
  • Thank you Democrats
    y fellow Placer County Democrats, first allow me to thank you for the privilege you have bestowed upon me by allowing me to serve as Chair of this Central Committee. It has been the honor of a lifetime. 
  • Looking back at 2021
    This year, 2021, would normally be an “off” year. A year for planning, training, recruiting and getting ready for the 2022 campaign season.  Looking back at 2021, history had other things in mind. What should have been a celebratory January, was instead one in which we saw just how fragile our democracy actually is.
  • Leave Question 2 Blank
    Voters will decide two questions on the upcoming California recall election: Should Gavin Newsom be recalled? Who should replace Gavin Newsom if Question 1 passes? California Democratic Party (CADEM) and Placer County Democratic Central Committee are encouraging voters to vote NO on question 1, leave question blank and return their ballot. Many voters are unsure… Continue reading Leave Question 2 Blank
  • Time to get back to work!
    There is a screw on the wall of my back deck. We’ve not used it in the 10 years. Yet, it’s there, at the ready. As we come out of our Lockdown Life®we must all be ready to get back to work.