SEO Experiment 1: Tattoo Fondness – Update

A few days ago, I started a series of pages dealing with various SEO Experiments – Prove It To Me. Experiment one was titled Tattoo Fondness. The results are in. My theory proved correct in a BIG WAY! My test page is ranked #2 out of over 533,000 pages in the Google index. Success!

My theories are pretty basic and it involves using tools that we all already know how to use. We just need to use them more efficiently. For me, this is especially satisfying since this was done using a basic WordPress template. No custom coding whatsoever.

Check out the Tattoo Fondness page. If you’re a techie you will see everything you need to know on how to get your page to be listed on page 1 of the Google search results. If you’re NOT a techie, I’m available for consulting.

Just kidding. Send me a note, and I will see if I can send you some pointers on increasing your page rankings.

Now on to create experiment number two: link text as content.

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