SEO Experiment 2: Tattoo Model Directory

This is the second experiment in the SEO Experiments – Prove It To Me series: Tattoo Model Directory.

In this experiment, we have a page which centers on the phrase “Tattoo Model Directory”. This uses the same concepts that proved successful in Tattoo Fondness experiment (Experiment 1) except that were using a much more common targeted search term: “tattoo model directory.” Nothing else has changed in my approach.

Since this is strictly a “first pass” experiment, the results may not be as great as they were in the Tattoo Fondness experiment. Nonetheless, I’m hoping for a top-20 result, and I’ll be happy with a top-30 result. Top-40 and lower, not-so-much.

Fingers crossed. Let’s see what happens. Google “tattoo model directory” and see what you get!


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