Over to the dark side: WordPress

After a year (or more) of struggling with getting good SEO for a website I cobbled together, my client and I have decided to bite the bullet and switch out custom .NET site over to WordPress. This was a much taller order than I had hoped. Worse, we’ve lost some functionality along the way. 

Professional Software Implementation Folsom – Next SEO Experiment

In the vein of experimenting with SEO related to the words Professional Software Implementation Folsom , I’ve put up a new page for the search engines to find. Wont last long (neither will this post). Hopefully just long enough for the page to get indexed. Then we can see whether anyone searches for the phrase Professional… Continue reading Professional Software Implementation Folsom – Next SEO Experiment

SEO Magic on my Other blog

I have another blog that I use for other stuff. Some professional/programming related items, some general purpose items. One item that I set up there involved Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What I call SEO experiments – Prove-it-to-me. My latest experiment was a smash. Check out my Tattoo Fondness experiment page.