TattooRegret.Net – Laser tattoo removal search engine

So we’ve launched a new site: TattooRegret.Net.

It’s a site built on several Google tools coming together to provide what we hope is a useful service: a search engine dedicated to helping you find a laser tattoo removal clinic near you.


TattooRegret.NET Logo
TattooRegret.NET Logo

The premise is pretty straightforward: people who need the services of a laser tattoo removal clinic need a reliable way to find such a clinic. So TattooRegret.Net provides a basic Google Places search tool focused on finding laser tattoo removal clinics using the Google Places API and displaying information about that clinic in a convenient manner.

We are also providing some additional informational content as well.


The videos page is powered by Youtube (another Google service) and lists the ten most popular laser tattoo removal videos currently on Youtube. This is a dynamic service and so is constantly updating itself to bring you current content.


TattooRegret.Net also provides a news-ticker powered by Google News via RSS. This section was the most difficult to implement simply because of the way Google structures their RSS feed. However, this too, is a self-updating new feed that features the latest and greatest news related to laser tattoo removal.


However, the main focus of the site is a Google Places driven search which allows a visitor to enter a ZIP code to perform a search for laser tattoo removal clinics in the specified zip code. This section of the site is built using good ole XML / XSLT starting with Google Places output.


There’s nothing ground-breaking about any one of the services powering the site. But the unique combination of the Google service used allows us to provide a full-featured website that should meet the needs of many visitors.

Check it out yourself: TattooRegret.Net

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