There is a screw on the wall of my back deck. We’ve not used it in the 10 years we’ve lived here. Yet, it’s there, ready for whatever task we assign it. It reminds me that as we come out of our Lockdown Life®, the people of California, like that screw, must be ready to get back to work.

COVID19 was a test for everyone. Some people were challenged and were forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. I, and others like me, were inconvenienced, but suffered no personal loss. Yet, everyone had their lives interrupted to one degree or another.

I was prevented from canvassing for my party’s candidates, as I’d done in previous campaign cycles. I did not knock on doors. I did not meet countless new voters. I did not advocate for people or policies I supported. Sure, I made many telephone calls. But there is nothing like the anticipation you feel after knocking on a door and waiting to see who answers.

2019 was supposed to be an “off year.” Instead, in 2019, I worked in support of a State Senate candidate, then later a candidate for State Assembly. Now, here we are in 2021. We must prepare to fight off a recall election foisted upon the citizens and residents of California by a small group of determined naysayers. Time to get back to work.

“Once more, unto the breach”**

California has emerged from the pandemic in better shape than most states. We have a low positivity and case rate of COVID. Our economy is rebounding. We have a surplus in our state budget. All this under the leadership of a governor who took determined action to protect the residents of the state he governs. The residents expect no less.

Yet partisan voices, opposed to ANY action undertaken by our Governor have managed to record enough signatures to force a recall election. Never mind that this is the sixth such effort. Never mind that it took a special dispensation from a federal judge appointed by our past president ( the “former guy”) which allowed the needed signatures to be gathered. The naysayers have persevered and forced an unnecessary political skirmish.

Back to work

Canvasser at work
Getting back to work

I will be putting that idle screw back to work. It will serve nicely as the anchor for a patio thermometer. It will have a purpose, once again.

Similarly, I and other folks will once again knock on doors. We will make telephone calls. We will raise awareness of the foolishness of this recall. We must do this to allow our governor to do the job the vast majority of voters elected him to do. We do this because we are ready to get back to work!