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The definition of Hubris
Definition of Hubris

You may recall that I’ve been struggling with my riding and push mowers. Similar symptoms on both mowers.
(Here’s a 5-minute ‘Tok of my woes with the push mower).


Here is five minutes of me trying to start a #craftsman mower. i primed, cleared, primed and still nothing. it has a new plug, air filter, and even a new magneto. It’s time to go electric. #outofideas #countrylife

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A TikTok comment mentioned possible water in the fuel.
This reminded me of an episode on the USS MARVIN SHIELDS where the enginemen allowed mop water to enter the diesel tanks which prevented the emergency diesel engine from starting when needed one day.

USS Marvin Shields (FF-1066)

The adventure begins!

This morning I intended to check for water in my fuel. No water. Some YouTube vids suggested cleaning the carburetor.

“My, that’s a lovely rabbit hole,” I said to myself.

Alice in Wonderland preparing to go down a rabbit hole
Alice (and Tomas) preparing to go down a Rabbit Hole

I took a lovely topless drive in the Miata to the auto parts store and purchased some carburetor cleaner.

“This should be a snap,” I said to myself. The ghost of Richard Petty laughed.

NASCAR legend Richard Petty
NASCAR legend Richard Petty

One hour later, I had determined that fuel was not getting into the carburetor. That white inlet appeared to be the culprit.
Time check: 1:30 PM.

Carburetor on a Craftsman mower
Carburetor on a Craftsman mower
Tecumseh carburetor from a Craftsman mower
Tecumseh carburetor from a Craftsman mower

Finally, I put everything back together and pulled the cord. It started!


Realization and Reassessment

Like a modern Prometheus, I prepared to video record my success. I pictured myself a Prometheus like Victor Von Frankenstein. Little did I realize I was more like the X-Files version.

Dr Frankenstein
Dr Frankenstein
Modern Prometheus (X-Files)
Modern Prometheus (X-Files)

I had failed to notice the constant drip-drip-drip of fuel accumulating on the mower deck. What had I done? What creation had loosed?

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein’s Monster

The ever-ready Leslie helped me clean up my mess. Her ready smile serving as a replacement for the “I told you” she was surely suppressing. Kinda like this:

Film acress Myrna Loy
The beautiful Myrna Loy


Back to YouTube.

Yes! A fellow denizen of the doleful web had suffered the same fate. His tale led me to Amazon. There, I discovered that I could replace my problematic carburetor for less than $13.

FFS 🤦‍♂️

Order placed, I washed the smell of gasoline of my magnificent frame, determined to salvage a portion of my day.

Time check: 3 PM

Follow up and Recovery

I visited my tobacconist and retrieved this wonderful cigar (recommended by the beautiful and talented @GallFAM4 ).
Along with a splash of bourbon, it is indeed soothing this savage beast.

A cigar and bourbon will sooth the savage beast.


The great Scottish poet Robert Burns said it best: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

I will be back soon, to install the new carbeuretor. With some luck, the new one will work as intended.

Scottish poet Robert Burns
Scottish poet Robert Burns

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