We Have Work To Do! (June 2018 Version)

I attended the Placer County (CA) BOS meeting today. The GOP had recruited their members to come to the meeting and speak in support of the Placer BOS joining an amicus brief in the lawsuit against SB54, the California Values Act (aka Sanctuary State Law). The majority of the speakers were representing the Anti-SB54 point… Continue reading We Have Work To Do! (June 2018 Version)

Register. Learn. Vote.

I had a great time at Auburn’s (California) Big Auburn Pow Wow. I chatted with people from groups that work with Native Americans (and others) to provide basic services, like health care, to many who would do without otherwise. I also had the opportunity to meet veterans from the Korean war and onward. There were… Continue reading Register. Learn. Vote.

Hear me ROAR!

2017 CDP Convention in Sacramento

If you are a California Democrat, you have more power than you think. A well placed phone call or email can make YOUR voice heard by the California Democratic Party.