The other day, I visited the Cabelas web site to shop for camping stuff. I also visited the Campmor website to compare products and prices.

As soon as I was finished comparing products and prices (Campmor was much lower in price for the same products), I noticed that all the banner ads on other sites were featuring Cabela’s and Campor products and sales. Not just a short while later, but immediately after leaving these sites did I start to see the banner ads.

I realize that tracking cookies are a common bane for many consumers. In fact the federal government is looking into just how pervasive these tracking cookies are! But I had always assumed that they’d be used by small start-ups or less than reputable companies.

So I was surprised to see the Cabela’s and Campmor ads on other sites that day. I guess when it comes down to selling the most stuff, anything goes.

For my part, I’m going to bite the bullet (on sale at Cabela’s, btw) and buy local from a brick and mortar store. I realize that I’m biting the hand that feeds me, but enough is enough.

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