The Americans and me

Children with US Flag

Today, I was reading a conversation on a Facebook group focused on Mexican food. Pretty normal until someone took exception to using the word “America” to mean “United States.” This instantly reminded me of a conversation I overheard once. A conversation worth sharing, I think.

Campaigning under COVID

Campaigning under COVID

Regardless of the outcome, the work continues. We will still have people struggling to find a place to live. We will still have children in our communities who go to sleep hungry. We will still have people ostracized for the color of their skin or where they choose to worship. There will always more to do.

When it rains, it pours. Hard.

Ship In a Storm

Life under COVID started out somewhat confusing and slightly ambiguous. In the five months since I started working from home, things have gotten tougher, not easier the longer things stay the same.

Tomas in Chicavasco, 2017

Street vendor at Real del Monte

So there I was, two days into a four-day vacation visiting my uncle and cousins who I’d not seen in forty years. I was looking at a menu and realizing that although I’ve become much prouder and more atune with my Mexican heritage, that I was still, in many ways, “pocho.”

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Once a cop… Pt 2.

A while back I wrote a small piece about actors who seem to play law enforcement officers more than once.  I just came across another member of the club: Alana De La Garza (Twitter, IMDB). She is currently playing Clara Seger on Criminal Minds: Beyond Border. Prior to that, she played NYPD officer Jo Martinez on TV show… Continue reading Once a cop… Pt 2.

The myth about GOP alternatives to Obamacare

A while back, I had a Twitter “conversation” with Daniel Garza of the The Libre Initiative. After a few back-and-forths, Daniel stated that I was spreading the “biggest lie about Obamacare” when I stated that the GOP had not provided any counter-proposals to Obamacare. Daniel suggested that I Google “Republican alternatives to Obamacare.” I said… Continue reading The myth about GOP alternatives to Obamacare

Circle of life

My father enjoying a cup of coffee as he always did.

My dad’s not doing well. I realize that the number of days I have with him are rapidly dwindling. It’s all part of the circle of life.