Money is ingrained in our politics. It takes money to run campaigns. The principal fundraising platform (the house party) is unavailable under COVID. So we must find alternative ways to raise the funds needed to communicate with voters.

Under current laws and regulations, fundraising is conducted by the groups or persons campaigning. There is no “single golden pot of money” to which everyone can donate and from which every candidate can draw as needed. As a result, you receive numerous donation requests and this is another one.

Here are various fundraising efforts which I would like you to consider. The provide support at various levels of the political arena. Donate to the ones that speak to your interests.

California Democratic Party Trail-Raiser Program. This program benefits the California Democratic Party in their efforts to defend congressional seats that they flipped successfully in 2018.

Placer County Democrats Victory Fund. This program benefits Placer County Democratic Central Committee efforts to flip Placer County from Red to Blue.

Audrey Denney is running in California’s 1st Congressional District.

Pamela Swartz is running in California’s 1st State Senate District.

Elizabeth Betancourt is running in California’s 1st Assembly District

Brynne Kennedy is running in California’s 4th Congressional District

Jackie Smith is running in California’s 6th Assembly District

I am familiar with and supporting all of these organizations and candidates.
They are working hard to give a voice to people who are too often pushed to the side in favor of monied interests. They are working hard to represent me, and to represent you.

Time, talent or treasure. Please support them in any way you can.

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