“He’ll never get an opportunity like that again, and it was taken away for what?” Uhler said.

Umm… how about “Public Safety”?

Kirk Uhler has been dis-elected from his county Supervisor position. Yet he persists on spewing these meme-worthy comments which illustrate EXACTLY why he has been asked to leave his position in the first place.

He states that the public safety provisions in place here in Placer County and in California are “depriving” him and his family from their personal needs. He’s willing to sacrifice the safety of his constituents, the people he pretended to serve, for the sake of a game of lacrosse.

He mentions that sports teach young people about “achieving, failing, doing well, doing poorly.” Sadly, it seems he never learned these lessons himself. Worse, he has a staunch ally on the Placer BOS who seems to share many of these same views.

As residents of Placer County, we need to speak up and remind our elected leaders that they represent ALL of their constituents, not just their core ($$) supporters.

Our elected leaders have chosen to place dollars ahead of safety. We must not be timid in expressing our concerns. After all, we’re concerned about ourselves AND others. That’s a concept seemingly foreign to Uhler and his supporters.

In the meantime, share news about local business that are willing to do the right thing. Businesses that are willing to follow all the safety protocols needed to maintain the health of their customers as they struggle to stay open.

Remember, we’re all in this together. Despite what Uhler thinks.