Earlier this week, our new President signed an executive order (the latest of many) banning the entry of muslims from a select list of nations. In spite of Republican objections to the use of Executive Orders by President Barack Obama, Republican legislators are tellingly silent while this travesty plays out.

I was pretty upset and mad all day yesterday. But I was heartened while watching the evening new as the young news anchor had a tinge of anger in her voice while reporting on the day’s protests taking place around the nation’s airports.

This morning I fired up Facebook and put a smile on my face when I came across this gem:

Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

While the President tries to justify his actions with discredited statements,  others are reminding us of previous attempts to control people based on their religion.

We should never forget that we (the United States) when down our own dark path once:


We owe it to ourselves and to our legacy that we stand up now to this attempt to divide humanity for the wrong reasons.

So, no, Mr President, we will not allow you to marginalize our fellow human beings. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

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