Easy-Peasy, Ubuntu

Ubuntu Logo

Like many IT professionals, I dabble a bit on the weekend. During the week, I’m mostly working in Microsoft Windows environments (I work for a local government agency, hence windows). But at night and on the weekends, I pitch in on some linux based websites (like this one). I had an interesting long-weekend while trying to upgrade Ubuntu on my servers.

Professional Software Implementation Folsom – Next SEO Experiment

In the vein of experimenting with SEO related to the words Professional Software Implementation Folsom , I’ve put up a new page for the search engines to find. Wont last long (neither will this post). Hopefully just long enough for the page to get indexed. Then we can see whether anyone searches for the phrase Professional… Continue reading Professional Software Implementation Folsom – Next SEO Experiment

Google Mapping API – Markers, Polygons, Points, Oh My!

If you’ve gone through my site, you probably know that I work as a contractor a good part of the time. Because of that I’m exposed to a lot of different technology / libraries. The most recent library has been Google Mapping API. I’ve learned about Markers, Polygons, Points and had the chance to play with some Javascript again. Good times.