The California Democratic Party (CADEM) Trail Raiser program raises funds from individual contributors. These funds provide programs like the Mobilize Organize Elect (MOE) software application, and the Regional Organization Committees (ROC) program. CADEM provides these programs to the Democratic Central Committees (DCCs), Democratic clubs, and other organizations. I have been asked to help lead the efforts in Placer County. Dontate today.

Some background

Previously, CADEM had received financial support from companies and organizations whose values no longer aligned with the core values of the Democratic Party. Members of the executive board and other party members voted to stop accepting funds from such companies.

However, this left a fundraising shortfall. The executive board and other party members agreed to raise funds from small dollar individual donations from Democrats throughout the state.


You may be asking “how can I know my donations are helping me?” That’s a legitimate question. Here are two examples:

MOE – Mobilize, Organize, Elect

Placer County DCC uses the MOE application (sometimes referred to the name of the manufacturer “PDI”) to access the county Voter File. The Voter File contains information on every registered voter in Placer County. Placer DCC uses this file to create lists for canvassing, phone/text banks, and postcard efforts.

You have used the output of the MOE software application if you have ever written postcards, called or texted voters, or knocked on the door of prospective voters. CADEM provides this software to Placer DCC AT NO COST!

ROC – Regional Organizing Committee

The ROC is a program that is led by a CADEM staffer who is assigned to organize efforts in our region (and beyond). This staffer works many, many hours to help regional DCCs, candidates, and volunteers work in a cohesive and unified manner to elect Democrats to office. CADEM pays this staffer’s salary and benefits Democrats AT NO COST to DCCs, clubs, and volunteers.

Donate today, to keep these programs, and others, benefitting Placer DCC, clubs, and your.

Where you come in

Your monthly donation of $100, $50, $20, or $10 is collected using a secure website powered by NGP VAN (similar to ActBlue) and will be collected through November 2024. You can make recurring or one-time donations. All donations are appreciated and will help. Donate today!

Your donations will make a difference to our efforts to turn Placer County a beautiful shade of Blue.

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