IkeWas having a discussion with Twitter user @dblozik regarding presidential fundaisers. Who attended how many,etc. So I looked up some numbers related to fundraisers and vacations. Here are some interesting Presidential statistics for those that like numbers. (I may add more items to this list). References are provided.

Vacation Days (Six years in office)[2][3]

Obama: 125
Bush II : 407 (533 full two terms)
Clinton: 174

Winner:  Reagan:  390

Fundraisers (Six years in office)[1]

Obama: 393
Bush II: 318

The winner: Clinton: 638


So it seems that Republican presidents don’t have to work as hard to raise money, whereas the Democratic presidents really have to go after donations. On the other hand, the Republicans on this list know how to enjoy the time off a President earns. Democratic presidents seem to put in more days on the job. I’m wondering if they feel that they feel they need to work harder to be taken as seriously. Or (wearing my Democratic goggles), do they feel they have to work harder to address the issues that they’re elected to fix?


[1]: President Obama has held 393 fundraisers in his six years in office

[2]: Presidential Vacations http://www.factcheck.org/2014/08/presidential-vacations/

[3]:Mark Knoller on Twitter

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