As you may know, I’ve been doing .NET programming since 2002. In all that time, I’ve never bothered to get one of those fancy Microsoft Certifications, such as a MCSD. There’s no real reason for it other than that I’ve never needed one… Until now.

I’ve been able to work using only my work history as an indicator of my skills. There have been times when a HR person has asked my about my lack of certifications. But any person doing a technical interview can quickly determine that I have skills in the area of .NET programming.

Besides, most of you probably know at least one person in possession of one of these certificates who would do a much better job in some other profession rather than continuing to write bad code, such as they do now. I’ve often said that my job is to clean up what MCSDs mess up (mostly in jest, but tinged with the truth).

The employer for whom I’m currently contracting needs to renew their Microsoft Partnership. To do this, they need to have people with specific skills on staff. Since I’ve been working on this project for nearly two years, he’s asked that I take one, or more, of these Certification exams to help build the firm’s expertise, as far as Microsoft Partnership is concerned.

So, after nearly ten years of programming .NET, I may need to bite the bullet and become Microsoft Certified.

What is the world coming to?

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