Conversation at the grocery store

Today, I had the honor of representing the Democratic Party at Foresthill High School as part of the Placer County Elections Office’s High School Outreach program. I and a Republican speaker presented our party’s platforms and positions to two classes, about 35 kids in total. It was a pleasant day in a part of the… Continue reading Conversation at the grocery store

Blue Messaging in Red Areas

I’ve heard some of my fellow Democrats bemoan “low-information” voters who seem to support the GOP in spite of their best interests. Following the losses in 2016, Democrats across the nation have sought explanations for this loss. One thing that we have not done enough of (in my opinion), is to focus on our failure… Continue reading Blue Messaging in Red Areas

Turning Red States To Blue (part 1 of many)

Turning Red States To Blue

Tonight I was speaking with my wife after a few too many Brandy Alexanders. While discussing / arguing about Paul Kingsnorth‘s book Real England in the context of the good old USA and in the shadow of the 2016 election, she was discussing the concept of “the little guy fighting the  big guy.” This is an important… Continue reading Turning Red States To Blue (part 1 of many)

Interesting numbers

Was having a discussion with Twitter user @dblozik regarding presidential fundaisers. Who attended how many,etc. So I looked up some numbers related to fundraisers and vacations. Here are some interesting Presidential statistics for those that like numbers. (I may add more items to this list). References are provided.