On this site, I have a page that discusses some of the problems that I encountered while getting a website up and running on GoDaddy servers. Specifically, I had to re-compile some open-source projects to allow them to work in an environment with Partially Trusted Callers. I have added some step-by-step instructions on how to perform this task.

I work as a programmer by day. So downloading source code, modifying it, and compiling it into a usable application is not foreign to me. Nor should it be. After all, I’m a professional (I still can’t believe that they pay me to do this!)

Most of the developers who contact me ask pretty normal questions about getting iTextSharp on GoDaddy such as “Why can’t I generate any temporary files?”, “What is your strategy for cacheing the PDF output?”, etc.

But I am staggered by the number of contacts that I get from *ahem* professional developers who don’t know how do any of the tasks mentioned above.

I wrote the new step-by-step instructions after I was contacted by a developer who started out with the normal questions, but who finished by asking me to download the latest source, compile it and provide it to him for use on his site. (I had pointed him to a downloadable version of the DLL which I use on my site; but he insisted that he needed the newer verion of the DLL).

With these new step-by-step instructions, I have done everything except click the mouse and type the code change required for anyone to create their own version of the latest iTextSharp DLL.

We’ll see what kinds of questions these new step-by-step instructions prompt. “Winners” will be posted here!

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  1. Where is the link to download your compiled version of the dll – i tried downloading v4, 5.0.6, 5.1.2 – changing the three lines in the .cs file, recompiling it and uploading it to bin folder. Still no luck 🙁 Sometimes I get ‘Bad Request’ and still get the ‘Partially Trusted Caller’ error message – I use network solutions shared hosting. Can you help? Thanks.

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