A while back, I put up a page on my first introduction to the Javascriptserializer class in the .NET library. Specifically, it dealt with how I used to to write a “hello world” application for Facebook. But in the last two weeks, that page has become the most popular page on my site. What happened?That page, like all the other pages on this site, is a crisply written, insight into the workings of a .NET programmer. But it focuses specifically on my task. It’s not a general overview of the Javascriptserializer class.

So, now, I am trying to decide whether to convert that page (and its excellent SEO state) into a more general page that would be useful to more people, or whether to let my page drop down the rankings over time.

Decisions… decisions….

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  1. I tried your json deserializer sample and ran into some problems. Let me know if you have made changes to any of the code so I can get your sample working.



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